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Q&A: Does “Best Practice for School-Based OTs” apply to center-based schools?


I was interested in your webinar titled “Best Practice in Service Provision for School-Based OTs.” Would this course be relevant for OTs who works in center-based schools or is the course more suited to OTs who service elementary schools in school districts? I want to take a course that will be relevant to the school where I work.


We had participants in the live version of this course who worked in center-based settings, and they still found the course to be beneficial. But I suppose it somewhat depends on your unique setting. We talk a lot about collaboration/push-in compared to pull-out services and the tiers of intervention. I would think most of that would still apply to your setting. Here’s the link to the view-on-demand version:

Best Practice in Service Provision for School-Based OTs

I hope that helps! Thank you for your interest in our courses!

Best Wishes,