For ideas on how to use these activity cards, please see our “BrainWorks Sensory Diet Formats and Instructions”page.

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General Picture Cards (All Ages)

  • Daily Routine Picture Cards - use these to create a visual schedule or as part of a routine-based sensory diet tool.
  • Work card - use this card to indicate an educational task on a "First-Then" format.
  • Stop Light card (*Option One)
  • Tachometer (*Option Two) Choose one of these options (Stop Light or Tachometer) as a teaching tool to help the child understand sensory modulation by learning to identify his/her sensory "engine speed." For further explanation, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for new users.

Babies and Toddlers

Children and Teens

OR Print one page at a time, by activity titles:

Babies & Toddlers

  • Set 1: Crawling, Hands & Knees, Push Toys, Rocking
  • Set 2: Stroller, swaddle, Swing, Tummy Time
  • Set 3: Boppy Pillow, Bottle & Cup
  • Set 4: Biking, Chew Toys, Rocking Toys, Sensory Shaker
  • Set 5: Superman, Visual Toys, Vibration, Ball Pit

Children and Teens

  • Set 1: Beanbag, Action Songs, Belly Breathing, Belly on Ball
  • Set 2: Fidgets, Scooter Board, Cozy Corner, Tent
  • Set 3: Stability Ball, Air Wedge, Headphones, Study Place
  • Set 4: Visual Tools, Gym or Peppermints, Playground, Mini Trampoline
  • Set 5: Exercise Band, Obstacle Course, Sit Disc, Weighted Blanket
  • Set 6: Heavy Work, Weighted Vest
  • Set 7: gymnastics, hoppy ball, jumping, lava lamp
  • Set 8: Crawling, Push Toys, Pressure Garments/ Sensory Table
  • Set 9: Metronome, Alerting Music, Calming Music, "Just Right" Music
  • Set 10: Yoga, Swimming, Trampoline, Weight Lifting
  • Set 11: Horseback, Wheelbarrow Walk, Squeeze Box, "Tortilla"
  • Set 12: Aroma, Ball Pit, Biking, Blowing Games
  • Set 13: Chewing Tools, Classroom Exer., Drinking Straw, Stretch/Tug
  • Set 14: Crashing Play, Disk Swing, Pressure Roller, Stretching Toys
  • Set 15: Push Ups, Scooter, Scented Markers/Pencils, Scrub Brush
  • Set 16: Sensory Shaker, T Stool, Vibration, Visual Toys
  • Set 17: Weights, Swinging on Tummy, Mouth Tools, Mouth Vibration
  • Set 18: Wrist and Hand Toys
  • NEW! Joint Compressions