Sensational Brain for Parents

Most likely, you have struggled to fully understand your child’s needs since his or her infancy. Sensory issues often go overlooked by physicians who focus only on the overall health of the child, as well as teachers, who tend to see everything through behavioral lenses. Many parents are exhausted and beyond frustration by the time they finally get to the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. We are here to give you help and hope!

Take some time to browse our site for more information and to find out about our exciting new product, BrainWorks! If you’re interested in discovering new ways to help your child get the most out of his or her sensational brain, click here to view our membership options.

Here’s what one parent had to say about her membership:

“I love the BrainWorks sensory diet picture cards. In addition to using the picture cards for our three year old to form his daily schedule, I have been using them to develop more language using verbs and action words. These are great for extending his expressive communication and language. I love the website – lots of great information! ”  — Donna, parent of a sensational kid

What is included in the Membership fee?

  • Access to BrainWorks – our web-based product that will help you create a visual sensory diet tool specifically designed for your child. Don’t worry – it’s very user-friendly! You will also find a sensory symptom checklist, helpful forms, and more. Click here for more information about BrainWorks.
  • A monthly newsletter sent to your email account that highlights new research and helpful strategies to help your child get the most out of his or her sensational brain!
  • Online access to a wealth of research related to sensory processing and the use of sensory strategies.
  • Online questions and answers moderated by Gwen Wild, the creator of BrainWorks. Gwen is an experienced occupational therapist, certified in sensory integration, and nationwide speaker on the topic of creating effective sensory diets.
  • Forms and templates available for use by professionals, parents, and individuals with sensory needs. Forms include sensory checklists to determine an individual’s sensory needs, accommodation checklists, information packets to give teachers, and much more. Also included are templates for data-tracking to determine effectiveness of sensory strategies, and templates for creating a variety of visual sensory diet tools.

We have four membership options! Simply choose the one that meets your needs…

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