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Q&A: Guidelines for Sensory Rooms?


I have participated in several of your webinars and consider you a very good resource for sensory modulation as it impacts on self-regulation. Do you have any recommendations, resources, or guidelines for the development and use of universal sensory rooms in schools? Thanks!


Thank you for participating in our courses!

Regarding sensory rooms, here is a pretty good article on sensory rooms.

My only issue with sensory rooms is that they are usually treated as a free-for-all, kind of like indoor recess. While that may work for kids who don’t have sensory modulation issues, it does not work for kids who do. These kids will need some help figuring out their current sensory state and determining which activities will be most beneficial at that time. To that end, I like to use the BrainWorks tachometer or the Zones of Regulation chart and have activities color coded accordingly. Alternatively, the article I referenced recommends a circuit rotation. That often works too, especially if all activities in the rotation are just-right types of activities, minimizing the possibility of either over-stimulating or over-sedating a child.

For cost-effective solutions, you may want to check out my webinar titled Low Budget Sensory Rooms and DIY Sensory Equipment:

Low Budget Sensory Rooms and DIY Sensory Equipment

I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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