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This complete, professionally printed kit is perfect for a family or single classroom! Kit includes all items for simple assembly: 1 BrainWorks file folder with manipulative teaching tachometer 1 complete set of 1.5″ BrainWorks picture cards printed on durable cardstock (may use as a master for unlimited sensory diet tools) 1 key ring 6 colorful […]


Our Therapist Kit includes: 10 BrainWorks file folders with manipulative teaching tachometers 1 complete set of BrainWorks 1.5″ picture cards printed on durable cardstock (use as master a master for unlimited sensory diet tools) 10 key rings 6 colorful strategy guides on cardstock to copy and give to parents and teachers 1 package of velcro dots to […]

Just Right! spiral bound curriculum

Based on the BrainWorks Sensory Diet Creator Tool, Gwen Wild (creator of the BrainWorks program) and Kim Wiggins (owner of OTKimWiggins LLC), developed Just Right! A Sensory Modulation Curriculum for K-5®. This evidenced-based, 206-page curriculum includes: 16 lesson plans and specific activities to build your students’ self-awareness and help them understand their own sensory needs 28 […]

Graphic of happy BrainWorks Blue Guy

Blue Guy Explains Sensory Craving Written in social story style, our very own Blue Guy explains sensory craving. This short story is geared toward 5- to 10-year-old children and assists them in understanding their sensory-seeking/craving tendencies. Children learn from Blue Guy how to proactively meet their sensory needs through appropriate strategies. On purchase, you will […]

Replacement BrainWorks folder

Printed BrainWorks file folders with the spinner are high quality and durable! These work great when combined with your BrainWorks Online membership to print a custom activity set for the child. Velcro sold separately.

Black replacement spinner for BrainWorks folder

These black spinners can be used to make the BrainWorks tachometers interactive. Spinners are 2.75″ long.

Additional velcro dots for BrainWorks folders

* 30 mated, adhesive Velcro coins. * Each strip is enough to complete one BrainWorks file folder.