What Is a Micro-Credential?

A credentialing program verifies that an individual has met certain criteria to determine mastery of key concepts as defined by an issuing organization. Professionals are increasingly becoming responsible for their own professional development. Micro-credentialing allows an individual to choose an area of extreme interest and need and go deep rather than accumulating multiple courses over multiple topics. It also provides a much-needed resource for demonstrating to hiring agencies that you have sought intensive continued learning in a specific area.

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Micro-Credential: Childhood Trauma Consultant What Is a Childhood Trauma Consultant? Childhood trauma is a complex and costly problem that can lead to a host of learning, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical health consequences for impacted individuals. Designed for pediatric professionals, this innovative, online training program features 11 evidence-based webinars that cover different aspects of childhood […]

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Micro-Credential: Executive Functions Consultant What Is an Executive Functions Consultant? Current research is increasingly pointing to Executive Functions as a key to success in learning and life. The development of these skills, including emotional control, impulse control, organization, and planning and time management have been shown to be a greater indicator of long-term academic and […]