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Four Students on a Couch Each Staring at a Device Screen

Screen Time and the Developing Brain Along with the new issuance of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization’s updated recommendations for screen time and media usage in children comes a renewed concern and interest in exactly how technology affects the developing brain. This fast-paced, 1-hour course shares new research on concerns […]

Rachel Madel with Child and Tablet

Selecting Vocabulary Targets for Complex Communicators For children with complex communication needs, being strategic about selecting appropriate vocabulary targets is essential. A set of 300 to 400 words compromises 75 to 80% of the words we use in English. These words are vital for teaching children with limited language. In this 1-hour webinar, participants learn […]

Child sleeping on his side in bed his hands folded under his head

Sleep and the Developing Brain As professionals working with children and teens, we are aware of the critical importance of sleep on a child’s daily performance. But how much do we truly know about sleep and its effect on brain development? Do we have the facts to share with parents and professionals that can specifically […]

Therapist mirroring mouth positions for pronouncing sounds with a young child

Supporting Emergent Literacy Skills in Early Intervention Therapy Sessions Emergent literacy skills begin to develop in infancy and provide the foundation for future reading skills and academic success. These skills can be supported in early intervention across disciplines and with a variety of therapy activities. This 1-hour course discusses early literacy skills and their impact […]

Child in a wheelchair using ACC

The ABCs of AAC New to working with students who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and don’t know where to begin? This 1-hour course is designed to introduce key terminology, technology, and ideology to establish a solid foundation of AAC. Speech-language pathologists and AAC experts Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj share resources and strategies […]

Sensational Brain Speaker Rachel Madel with Child and iPad

Using iPad Apps to Engage Emergent Communicators This 1-hour webinar provides an overview of various iPad apps that can be used to facilitate social engagement in early learners. Attendees learn implementation strategies to enhance a child’s ability to follow basic directions, respond to questions, and have successful conversations. Screen time guidelines are also discussed so […]

Bin of beans with word cards to mimic seed packets

Using Sensory Bins to Target Multiple Speech, Language, and Fine Motor Goals Research shows that play-based instruction can improve language acquisition, social skills, and executive functioning in preschool and elementary school children. Sensory bins and activities encourage imaginative play and support active participation in speech and language lessons. This 1-hour course discusses the benefits of […]

Sensational Babies: Meeting sensory needs in EI

Sensational Babies: Meeting Sensory Needs in Early Intervention Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism are now recognized earlier in development than ever before. Early Intervention professionals must meet the sensory needs of these little ones. In addition, they learn how to help parents deal with developmental issues that arise. This 2-hour webinar discusses sensory modulation difficulties […]

Sensory AND Behavior (6-Hr Advanced Course)

Sensory AND Behavior: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Challenging Behaviors (6-hour advanced-level course) Prerequisites for this advanced class include either Gwen’s full-day course (live or view-on-demand) titled Developing and Implementing Effective Sensory Diets or her webinar titled Effective Sensory Diets. Alternatively, professionals who have reached a comfort level with sensory processing disorders and the use […]

Tween Boy Frowning Disapprovingly at Camera

Self-Regulation Intervention Using Neuroscience, Sensory Processing Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Research shows that self-regulation is one of the most important predictors of academic success. In a nutshell, self-regulation is the ability to respond appropriately to a situation and involves sensory processing, emotions, and executive functioning skills. This 6-hour, action-packed, strategy-rich course provides a framework […]

Sensory Diets 101

Effective Sensory Diets: An Evidence-Based Approach What’s the purpose of a sensory diet? Who needs a sensory diet? How do sensory activities affect the neurochemicals in the brain? How often should sensory breaks be provided? What sensory activities will be beneficial for this child? Which behaviors are most likely to be impacted through the use […]


Neuro-Based Toolbox to Help Kids Manage Their Behavior and Emotions Join Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L, renowned self-regulation expert for this intensive 12-hour course to learn clinically proven neurological approaches to address self-regulation in children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ADHD, ODD, OCD, anxiety, trauma, chronic stress, fetal drug exposure, […]