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A therapist and children wearing masks in a classroom during COVID-19 quarantine

Push-in to the Classroom! The Why and How for Related Service Providers Push-in to the classroom is an evidence-based and effective treatment strategy for OTs, PTs, and SLPs. Because of multiple barriers, therapists are often more comfortable providing pull-out therapy sessions. In this 2-hour course, the speaker includes a research review, push-in and distance-learning strategies, […]

adult and child of different races holding hands

The Race Against Racism: Strategies to Combat Racism, Address Microaggressions, and Promote Healing in the Therapeutic Setting As the U.S. population becomes increasingly multicultural and telehealth extends services into remote areas, there is an urgent need for therapists to become adept at the delivery of culturally appropriate care. In this 2-hour course, the presenter offers […]


Toxic Stress: Causes, Consequences, and Interventions Did you know that toxic stress exposure is associated with several neurobiopsychosocial consequences throughout the lifespan? Designed for pediatric therapists and other professionals, this 2-hour training provides attendees with a working understanding of the causes, consequences, and interventions associated with toxic stress exposure. Special emphasis is placed on implications […]

Therapist interviewing a small child

Trauma-Informed Treatment Interventions for Pediatric Therapists A history of exposure to trauma and other life adversities are common among individuals seeking services from behavioral health providers. Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is an overarching philosophy, framework, and organizational structure designed to better understand and recognize the impact of trauma on individuals through a strengths-based perspective. Designed […]

Healthcare Worker having Video Chat with Patients

Troubleshooting Pediatric Teletherapy: A Case Study Format to Address Common Challenges Telehealth is becoming an increasingly used service delivery model in pediatric therapy. For a myriad of reasons, however, it does present some unique challenges when servicing this population. This 2-hour course presents case studies offering clinicians an opportunity to strategize intervention and problem solve […]

Young children playing basketball

Using Activity Analysis and Database Decision Making to Teach Leisure Skills Occupational therapists often approach mental health concerns of students by addressing leisure to increase overall participation. However, the lack of a standardized process and poor data collection are often limiting factors. This 2-hour course offers a solution by focusing on the how-to aspects of […]

Keyring with assorted Sensational Brain activity cards

Sensory Diets at Home: Little or No Equipment Required! This 1-hour webinar provides a variety of sensory strategies that are easy to implement in the home with little or no special equipment required. Activities are broken down by age group and effect on the sensory system (calming, just right, and alerting). Learning Outcomes Recognize the continuum […]

2021 Sensational Brain Summit: Pictures for 6 panelists

2021 Summit: The Well-Rounded Therapist This 7-hour webinar includes a variety of therapeutic topics with one goal in mind: to enhance therapeutic skills required for successful implementation of treatment strategies in the pediatric population to create a well-rounded therapist. From new grads to advanced therapists, this webinar rekindles your passion for pediatrics by offering new, […]


An Introduction to the BrainWorks Approach for Effective Sensory Diets This FREE introductory webinar provides new and potential BrainWorks users with the information they need to begin using BrainWorks successfully in home and classroom environments. Gwen goes over basic theory related to sensory modulation disorders and shares relevant research to ensure that you are using […]

Students working together at a table with masks to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

COVID Slide: RTI Strategies to Overcome Regression After COVID Are you looking for ways to CLOSE THE GAP for elementary students that need support because of COVID-19? COVID Slide is a term used to express the expected level of regression due to remote learning and students’ absences during the COVID pandemic. School professionals around the […]

Parent sitting with daughter on a couch accessing Telehealth servicesaccessing

Highly Engaging Telehealth Sessions in K-5 (Using Zoom) As a telehealth therapist, how many times have you said, “My students are a no-show” or “I can’t get them to pay attention!” When your students are highly engaged, they look forward to your sessions and stay engaged the entire time! This 2-hour webinar provides specific strategies […]


Just Right! Teaching Sensory Modulation in Grades K-5 Sensory modulation, defined as the ability to respond appropriately to sensory information and remain at an appropriate level of alertness, is critical for academic and social success. Research shows that modulation is a skill that can be taught. When viewed within a larger educational framework, sensory modulation […]