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Breakthrough Parenting Webinar Package

Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Series: Webinar Package Save $15 off the regular price when purchased together! This package includes these view-on-demand webinars. Click on the links for full course descriptions: Part 1: Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized, or Chaotic Child Part 2: The Social-Emotional Side: Understanding Impulsivity, Self-Control, and Self-Regulation Part 3: It’s about […]

Child imagining a replica of her brain above her head
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Edge of a book with the word "ADVOCATE" spelled out in small blocks

Building Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Skills in Children and Teens Self-advocacy includes the ability to understand yourself and your surroundings and then communicate on your behalf. This process is as simple as choosing a sensory activity or as complex as advocating for services at a university. This critical skill is important for autonomy and independence. In […]

Small child playing with a row of toy cars

Neurodivergent Affirming Language and Practices in Autism With an estimated 1 in 44 children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and approximately 2.2% of the adult population falling into this category, autism activists are becoming increasingly vocal about the need for changes in language, practices, and social supports. Neurodivergent-affirming language and practices differ greatly from […]

Student writing math problems on poster board

Dyscalculia and Disorders of Mathematics While schools are placing increased attention and resources towards students with dyslexia and disorders of writing, students struggling in mathematics and numerical reasoning continue to be underidentified and underserved. This 90-minute course helps parents and educators identify red flags for children experiencing math disorders and actively participate in the assessment […]

Part 1: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions

Part 1: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Series: Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized, or Chaotic Child The frustration is real—for both of you! You know your child is bright and capable, and yet he or she struggles daily with organizing items, space, and emotions. Have you ever questioned how some children just seem to “get […]

Part 2: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions

Part 2: Breakthrough Parenting Series—The Social-Emotional Side: Understanding Impulsivity, Self-Control, and Self-Regulation The ability to control one’s emotions and actions is paramount for success in school, relationships, and life in general. However, many of our children seem to live in an “act first, think later” mode that leads to challenges with friends, teachers, and even […]

Part 3: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions

Part 3: Breakthrough Parenting Series—It’s about Time, It’s about Space:  Beating Clutter and Meeting Deadlines! There is little as disheartening as watching a child labor over homework, only to lose it or leave it on the kitchen counter! Children with attention, learning, and social challenges are often at great risk of struggling with organization of […]

Part 4: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions

Part 4: Breakthrough Parenting Series—Moving Toward Independence As parents, our ultimate goal is to raise happy, healthy, and independent adults. It is often a struggle to balance being assertive about your child’s needs and working within systems that can feel overwhelming and complicated. Not only do we as parents need to learn to speak up, […]