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Caseload Management to Provide Effective Push-Ins and Collaboration! Collaboration is essential in providing occupational and speech therapy services in school systems. Research indicates that support must be provided to the individual, team, and systems in place so that students may succeed. Although pull-out sessions can be effective, pushing into the classroom and collaboration are the […]

Boys playing in a Motor Lab

Motor Labs and Sensory Paths Every year, students exhibit increased challenges in motor skills, attention, visual skills, and behavior. Research also indicates an increase in childhood obesity.  The addition of school-wide movement initiatives, such as motor labs and sensory paths, can promote healthy school climates needed for learning. School-based occupational therapists have the expertise to […]

Breakthrough Parenting Webinar Package

Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Series: Webinar Package Save $15 off the regular price when purchased together! This package includes these view-on-demand webinars. Click on the links for full course descriptions: Part 1: Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized, or Chaotic Child Part 2: The Social-Emotional Side: Understanding Impulsivity, Self-Control, and Self-Regulation Part 3: It’s about […]


Developing and Implementing Effective Sensory Diets for Children and Teens (6-hour course) The use of a sensory diet is a research-based method of providing individuals with sensory modulation difficulties the input they need to function their best. This practical, evidence-based, online course equips therapists, teachers, and caregivers with the ability to determine the sensory needs […]


Dysgraphia: Foundations for assessment Dysgraphia is a neurological condition that interferes with one’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in writing. Far more than sloppy handwriting, dysgraphia affects not only motor skills but the cognitive ability to organize and synthesize ideas. The wide-ranging prevalence rate of 5 to 33% of school-aged children indicates that this is […]

Facilitating Self-Regulation in Children and Teens

Facilitating Self-Regulation in Children and Teens Research shows that self-regulation is one of the most important predictors of academic success. In a nutshell, self-regulation is the ability to respond appropriately to a situation and involves sensory processing, emotions, and executive functioning skills. This 2-hour webinar provides an overview of self-regulation as well as a framework […]

Dad holding small child while receiving telehealth services

Ready, Set, Go: Telehealth in Early Intervention Services (IDEA Part C) This 2-hour webinar describes the use of telehealth in early intervention services (IDEA Part C). Practical tips, strategies, and resources for planning, preparing, and implementing telehealth are discussed. Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessments and interventions amendable to telehealth targeting adaptive skills, gross and fine motor […]

Graphic of neuron with enlargment of neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft

Neurochemistry: Impact on Emotions and Sensory Processing Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and other neurotransmitters are making the news more frequently but what can this knowledge tell us about the kids we work with who have anxiety, ADHD, ASD, behavior or mood disorders, or learning disabilities? Join Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L, to discover the correlation between neurochemistry, […]

New Ideas for Posture, UE Stability, and More!

New Ideas and Techniques for Posture, Upper Extremity Stability, Pressure, Wrist Extension, and Grip! Academic expectations are increasing every year. Children are asked to write even in preschool! Unfortunately, their bodies sometimes need to catch up with these expectations. There are many children that have poor handwriting because they have an issue with body positioning, […]

Primitive Reflexes

Primitive Reflexes: Screening, Compensation Techniques, and Treatment Primitive reflexes emerge in utero and should be integrated no later than 2 years of age. Unfortunately, studies show that approximately 75% of school-aged children with learning disabilities have retained primitive reflexes, which are becoming more common and strongly impact the function of these students. This 2-hour course provides […]

Sensational Brain speaker Rachel Madel face to face with child

Designing Engaging Experiences to Teach Core Vocabulary to AAC Users Learning language with the use of an AAC device need not be a chore. Educators can use myriad tools to design educational experiences to demonstrate the meaning and use of vocabulary in ways that empower students to use that vocabulary for a variety of communicative […]

Small children playing with teacher in the classroom

Facilitating Early Social Skill Development in Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Sessions Social skills are a vital part of early childhood development and can influence many areas, such as academics, behavior, and mental health. Facilitating social skill development in early elementary, middle school, and high school students using structured play activities can encourage positive peer […]