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Small children playing with teacher in the classroom

Facilitating Early Social Skill Development in Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Sessions Social skills are a vital part of early childhood development and can influence many areas, such as academics, behavior, and mental health. Facilitating social skill development in early elementary, middle school, and high school students using structured play activities can encourage positive peer […]

Therapist mirroring mouth positions for pronouncing sounds with a young child

Supporting Emergent Literacy Skills in Early Intervention Therapy Sessions Emergent literacy skills begin to develop in infancy and provide the foundation for future reading skills and academic success. These skills can be supported in early intervention across disciplines and with a variety of therapy activities. This 1-hour course discusses early literacy skills and their impact […]

Bin of beans with word cards to mimic seed packets

Using Sensory Bins to Target Multiple Speech, Language, and Fine Motor Goals Research shows that play-based instruction can improve language acquisition, social skills, and executive functioning in preschool and elementary school children. Sensory bins and activities encourage imaginative play and support active participation in speech and language lessons. This 1-hour course discusses the benefits of […]