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Breakthrough Parenting Webinar Package

Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Series: Webinar Package Save $15 off the regular price when purchased together! This package includes these view-on-demand webinars. Click on the links for full course descriptions: Part 1: Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized, or Chaotic Child Part 2: The Social-Emotional Side: Understanding Impulsivity, Self-Control, and Self-Regulation Part 3: It’s about […]


Dysgraphia: Foundations for assessment Dysgraphia is a neurological condition that interferes with one’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in writing. Far more than sloppy handwriting, dysgraphia affects not only motor skills but the cognitive ability to organize and synthesize ideas. The wide-ranging prevalence rate of 5 to 33% of school-aged children indicates that this is […]

Portrait of a girl who folded her fingers for meditation.

Mindfulness in the School Setting A growing body of research reports simple mindfulness activities throughout the school day can significantly improve student performance and mental health. This 1-hour course offers school-based occupational therapists the evidence to support mindfulness practices, introduces them to simple and effective strategies and activities to begin practicing mindfulness immediately, and provides […]

Four Students on a Couch Each Staring at a Device Screen

Screen Time and the Developing Brain Along with the new issuance of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization’s updated recommendations for screen time and media usage in children comes a renewed concern and interest in exactly how technology affects the developing brain. This fast-paced, 1-hour course shares new research on concerns […]

Child sleeping on his side in bed his hands folded under his head

Sleep and the Developing Brain As professionals working with children and teens, we are aware of the critical importance of sleep on a child’s daily performance. But how much do we truly know about sleep and its effect on brain development? Do we have the facts to share with parents and professionals that can specifically […]


Strategies for Supporting Weak Working Memory Working memory is a critical skill for academic and daily living success. The link between poor working memory and challenges such as ADHD, learning disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders has led many researchers to believe working memory is a stronger indicator of success than IQ. This highly practical, 1-hour […]

A Consultative Model for Supporting EF

A Consultative Model for Supporting Executive Functions at School and Home Executive functions, those skills that allow us to plan, organize, problem-solve and focus attention and emotions, are fundamental to a child’s success in daily life.  Many professionals find themselves with limited contact time to address such comprehensive and critical skills. This 1.5-hour webinar provides […]

ADHD Sign Held by Little Boy

ADHD: Intervention Strategies for School-Based OTs and SLPs Are you a school-based OT or SLP seeking intervention strategies for ADHD? Over 9.5% of school-aged children receive a formal diagnosis of ADHD.  Many more demonstrate undiagnosed characteristics. It is critical that professionals thoroughly understand the nature of the diagnosis and implications for intervention. This 90-minute webinar […]

Poor Impulse Control, Motivation, and Self-Regulation

An Executive Functioning View of Poor Impulse Control, Motivation, and Self-Regulation Often children and teens with sensory needs continue to struggle with impulse control, behavioral regulation, and self-control even after sensory plans have been put into place. This groundbreaking, 2-hour course looks at how sensory and Executive Function (EF) skills work together, how to address […]

Teen in a counseling session

This Special Edition course is available only for participants in our micro-credential for EFCs. Place your order here: Executive Functions Consultant

Breakthrough Solutions Chronically Disorganized Student

Breakthrough Solutions for the Chronically Disorganized Student Poor organizational skills are often a hallmark sign of weak Executive Function Skills, the skills that allow us to plan, prioritize, organize, and carry out our plans. Weak skills in these areas will greatly impact an individual’s ability to succeed in school and in independent living. This 1-hour, […]

Small child with his back to the camera overwhelmed by pretend letters flying off the wall

Delving into Dyslexia: Identifying and Supporting Students Dyslexia inhibits otherwise capable students from mastering encoding, decoding, and fluency skills necessary for reading proficiency. Affecting approximately 8-20% of individuals, the impact of instruction and learning is profound, with implications beyond the scope of reading alone. OTs have a unique and powerful role in the identification, assessment, […]