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Sensational Brain speaker Rachel Madel face to face with child

Designing Engaging Experiences to Teach Core Vocabulary to AAC Users Learning language with the use of an AAC device need not be a chore. Educators can use myriad tools to design educational experiences to demonstrate the meaning and use of vocabulary in ways that empower students to use that vocabulary for a variety of communicative […]

Rachel Madel with Child and Tablet

Selecting Vocabulary Targets for Complex Communicators For children with complex communication needs, being strategic about selecting appropriate vocabulary targets is essential. A set of 300 to 400 words compromises 75 to 80% of the words we use in English. These words are vital for teaching children with limited language. In this 1-hour webinar, participants learn […]

Child in a wheelchair using ACC

The ABCs of AAC New to working with students who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and don’t know where to begin? This 1-hour course is designed to introduce key terminology, technology, and ideology to establish a solid foundation of AAC. Speech-language pathologists and AAC experts Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj share resources and strategies […]