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2021 Sensational Brain Summit: Pictures for 6 panelists

2021 Summit: The Well-Rounded Therapist This 7-hour webinar includes a variety of therapeutic topics with one goal in mind: to enhance therapeutic skills required for successful implementation of treatment strategies in the pediatric population to create a well-rounded therapist. From new grads to advanced therapists, this webinar rekindles your passion for pediatrics by offering new, […]


An Introduction to the BrainWorks Approach for Effective Sensory Diets This FREE introductory webinar provides new and potential BrainWorks users with the information they need to begin using BrainWorks successfully in home and classroom environments. Gwen goes over basic theory related to sensory modulation disorders and shares relevant research to ensure that you are using […]

Students working together at a table with masks to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

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Parent sitting with daughter on a couch accessing Telehealth servicesaccessing

Highly Engaging Telehealth Sessions in K-5 (Using Zoom) As a telehealth therapist, how many times have you said, “My students are a no-show” or “I can’t get them to pay attention!” When your students are highly engaged, they look forward to your sessions and stay engaged the entire time! This 2-hour webinar provides specific strategies […]


Just Right! Teaching Sensory Modulation in Grades K-5 Sensory modulation, defined as the ability to respond appropriately to sensory information and remain at an appropriate level of alertness, is critical for academic and social success. Research shows that modulation is a skill that can be taught. When viewed within a larger educational framework, sensory modulation […]

Occupational therapist helping young child balance on a therapy ball

Neuroplasticity for Children: Change the Brain and the Body Follows Can the brain be rewired to give your patients better results in therapy and at home? This one-of-a-kind training shows you how therapy can change the brain and how neuroplasticity can change the challenges in a child’s development. Studies show our brains can be rewired […]


OT’s Role in Social and Emotional Learning Social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential to human development and helps create a positive learning environment for all students. Many school districts are establishing systemic, schoolwide approaches to SEL. Therefore, it is important for school-based occupational therapy practitioners to understand their role in implementing SEL within therapy […]

Visual Perception

Visual Perception and Its Impact on Learning: Strategies and Resources Did you know that 80% of all learning in a school setting is acquired through vision? There is a rise of focus and attention issues in the classroom that can be related to visual issues. Unfortunately if children are having difficulty using their eyes, they will often give up […]

Apps to Support Weak EF

Apps to Support Weak Executive Functioning in Children and Teens Children and teens with poor Executive Functions often benefit from technology to help with time orientation, organization of thoughts and materials, and for tracking progress in multiple areas of life. This 1-hour webinar looks at Lori’s top 20 picks of the most widely used apps […]

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The Art of Fine Motor Assessment ** Purchase this webinar and receive a coupon code for 25% off one SCHOODLES product. View product descriptions on the SCHOODLES website. For school-based occupational therapists, connecting assessment results, educational needs, and intervention can be a challenge. Using SCHOODLES School Fine Motor Assessment, we focus on systematically conducting a comprehensive, […]

Assessment of Executive Functions

Assessment of Executive Functions in Children and Teens This 1.5-hour webinar provides an overview of essential elements in the process of evaluating and assessing Executive Functions (EF) in children and teens, specifically those demonstrating challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, learning disorders, and other developmental delays. A review of current research on EF development […]


Chromebooks in Special Education Google Chromebooks can be an excellent assistive technology tool for students with special needs. Students who have delays in physical, cognitive, or language development may require extra support from Assistive Technology. This course reviews a variety of strategies that can be used as a compensation technique when a student has difficulty […]