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Get It Done! OT Documentation Documentation is an essential responsibility of therapists in school systems.  It can also be very time consuming and inconsistent among therapists, school districts, and states.  This 90-minute course reviews strategies that will save you time and ensure effective and accurate documentation. Strategies reviewed include screenings, evaluations, frequency recommendations, IEP/504 documentation, […]

Sensory AND Behavior

Sensory AND Behavior: Determining the Underlying Causes and Addressing Difficult Behaviors Appropriately When difficult behaviors arise in children with sensory processing disorders, we often ask ourselves if the behaviors are sensory OR behavioral in nature. However, experience shows us that the answer is usually both—sensory AND behavioral. This 2-hour webinar includes research to support this […]

Visualization and Meditation for Emotional Regulation

Visualization and Guided Meditation as a Tool for Emotional Regulation With an ever-increasing pace in our classrooms and homes, record numbers of children are being diagnosed with anxiety and stress conditions at increasingly young ages. Medication has become a buzzword in the past few years, but what is it REALLY, and how does it benefit children? By tapping into current research in […]

Writing IEP Goals

Writing IEP Goals Goal writing can be time consuming and difficult to complete for therapists. This webinar teaches you a step-by-step process to write functional goals for students in the school setting. The presenter also provides many resources. This course is included with the School-Based OT: The Basics Webinar Package. Learning Outcomes Define five components to […]