I see several children that are sensory under-responders who are not potty trained.  I attempt to use a basic approach of increasing proprioceptive input through activities to help children be more aware of their bodies. Do you have any suggestions that would help my practice with children trying to be potty trained?


You are on the right track. Body awareness is very important in the potty-training process. Another important factor is tactile feedback. These kids need to be able to feel the wetness and, as long as they are wearing diapers and pull-ups, the sensation of wetness probably won’t be significant enough for them. I recommend choosing a week when mom is able to stay home and be with the child full time. Have the child wear a long T-shirt and nothing else. Keep the potty seat close by at all times. As soon as the child feels the potty starting, rush him/her to the potty seat. I did this with my own kids. We stayed in the kitchen all day (tile floor) to make the cleanup easier. 🙂

Best Wishes,