I service a lot of children (birth through preschool) at home where there is limited space and equipment. Many of your cards show activities using large equipment such as a ball pit, platform swings, etc. Do you have suggestions or additional cards that could be made up for home based therapy? 


We will work on getting some more cards added that are applicable for home-based therapy. For now, here are some easy sensory diet equipment substitutions that work for babies and young children in the home environment:

* Large play ball from Walmart, about $3, instead of therapy ball
* Couch cushion on floor instead of beanbag for crashing play and also instead of mini-trampoline
* A throw blanket instead of a small mat for “Tortilla Time” (or an inexpensive yoga mat works well too, about $12 at Walmart)
* Obstacle courses can easily be made with couch pillows, side tables, blankets, and dining tables and chairs
* Instead of platform swing activities, I use the therapy ball to get prone vestibular input.

If you have any favorite home-based sensory activities using items easily found in homes, please let me know! We can turn your ideas into picture cards for you.

Best Wishes,