What strategies have you known to be useful in replacing noise making with the mouth in a classroom environment?


Each kid is different, but here are some things worth trying:

1. Allow him to have gum or mints in his mouth, if appropriate.
2. Try letting him use headphones or ear plugs. He might be making his own noises in an attempt to drown out the noises from his environment.
3. Use blow toys like the ones shaped like little pipes that have a string that blows up and out of them or a little ball that hovers over it’s basket. Check out the oral-motor toys at or
4. Try deep breathing techniques.
5. Analyze the behavior: Can you see any patterns to his noise-making? When does he make noises the most: when frustrated/overstimulated/certain settings/specific times of day? If you see a pattern, try modifying the environment as much as possible.

Please let me know if you find something that works well for this child!

Best Wishes,