Handouts provided by handwriting expert Kim Wiggins, OTR/L. Kim is the presenter of one of our best-selling webinars, Sloppy Handwriting, in addition to a number of other great courses.

Please click on the titles below to preview, download, and print the free handouts.

These handouts are great reminders for students to help with size and letter placement on the line. Kim Wiggins, OTR/L, gives them to teachers and posts them on classroom walls. She also minimizes them to place in the corner of a student’s desk. There are fourteen small letters that touch the middle and bottom lines, seven tall letters that touch the top and bottom lines, and five low letters that fall below the bottom line. When students are able to place them accurately on the line, an overall improvement in legibility can be seen.

7 Tall Letters

14 Small Letters

5 Low Letters

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