New look... Same sensational education!

New Look, Same Sensational Education!

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Halloween is oh-so-exciting! But also FULL of novel sights, sounds, textures, phrases, and social interactions. Set up your child for success with these tips from sensory expert, Gwen Wild.

1. When choosing a costume, prioritize comfort. Often simple is best. Wearing long underwear or compression clothing under a costume can be helpful.

2. Practice all parts of the night in advance. Allow your child to dress-up and practice knocking on your front door, saying “Trick-or-Treak” and “Thank you!”

3. Read lots of books about Halloween so your child will be familiar with costumes and understand that real kids are inside the costumes.

4. Consider making weighted garments (weighted vest, weighted backpack, weighted hat) part of the costume.

5. Noise-reduction headphones or even ear muffs can be helpful and even a cute addition to a costume!

6. Determine the number of houses to visit in advance and be sure your child knows the plan.

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