BrainWorks-Your-Way is a fully customizable version of our activity cards.

BrainWorks-Your-Way activity cards have a simple black border and no colored arrows in the corners. Here are a few ways our beta-tester used the cards:


Laura Moehrlin, MOT OTR/L, created the above folder to integrate BrainWorks activity cards into her school’s current Zones of Regulation program.

Laura expanded on this system in her school’s motor room by creating separate folders for each Zone. Laura is also graciously sharing a modified version of the instruction documents that make it easy to combine these two systems (see media links below photos).

Self Regulation Sensory System Quick Start Guide
Instructions for Motor Room File Folders Tool
Glossary of Sensory Terms
Instructions for Using Classroom File Folders

ABOVE:  Candace Shetzler, MS, OTR/L , owner of A Child’s Potential (, used the BrainWorks-Your-Way activity cards to supplement the Alert Program the student was already using. Candace added the arrows to match the colors used in this system.

BELOW: Candace used the activity cards to create this file folder to support the Zones of Regulation program already being used in this school.

BELOW: I used the BrainWorks-Your-Way to create the system below for a little boy who did better with words to identify his sensory state rather than the original BrainWorks arrow system. To create this tri-fold choice board, I simply taped together two file folders. I allowed the child to pick the colors that represented each sensory speed. I then used a marker to outline the border of each card so he could see where to return the cards when done with his sensory activities.








HOW DO I ACCESS BRAINWORKS-YOUR-WAY? All current members can access BrainWorks-Your-Way through the existing “Select and Print” area.  The last option in the “Select Activity Type” drop-down menu will take you to the BrainWorks-Your-Way cards.

Please email with any questions.