I am in the process of ordering a weighted blanket for a kiddo on my caseload to be used as part of his sensory diet. He is currently 35 pounds. Mom and Dad would like a twin sized blanket that will fit on his bed. I am wondering how much weight to order given the larger surface of the blanket.


Research hasn’t been done on kids about the amount of weight in a blanket. As long as he has good motor skills, I would start with five pounds of weight, with the majority of the weight being placed toward the middle third of the blanket. I would feel comfortable going up to 10 pounds. For safety reasons, I only use weighted blankets on kids who have sufficient motor skills to get out from under the blanket independently and kids who show enough body awareness to remove things that are uncomfortable to them (for example, removing a coat when he is hot, noticing a sticker on his skin and removing it, etc.). Hope that helps!

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