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Q&A: Weighted Clothing?


I found your site while doing a search for compression clothing for my 9-year-old daughter. I read somewhere that there are weighted clothes that can be worn under clothes. And/or some more stylish looking weighted wear. Do you know where I can find these?


Click on this link to see some weighted garments available:

Weighted garments are typically bulky and it is hard to find stylish options. I tend to recommend compression garment to be worn under clothes instead. Both compression and weight provide proprioceptive input which is organizing to the brain. I don’t like kids to wear weighted garments for more than 30–40 minutes at a time because the weight will change body dynamics. However, I’m comfortable with them wearing compression garments all day. Here is a link to some compression vests:

I also really like Under Armour brand clothing. These are typically athletic base-layer garments and you can buy them at most sporting goods stores or online:

Under Armour clothes are basically tag free, seam free and provide compressive input which is comforting to most kids. The added benefit is that it doesn’t look therapeutic!

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes,