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Q&A: Where Is Your Sensory Symptoms Checklist for Parents?


Several years ago, I took your advanced Sensory AND Behavior course and loved it! I have used it A LOT in my practice! I am working with a teenaged boy with a diagnosis of SPD. His mom wants to know how to tell if it’s sensory or behavior. Where can I find a simple sensory symptoms checklist for this parent on your website? If possible, a quick reply would be appreciated because the family is in crisis mode at the moment, so a favor of a quick reply would be greatly appreciated. I know you’re busy and probably inundated with similar requests!


We offer free Sensory Symptoms Checklists in several versions. Click on Free Resources in the main menu then look under the Free Printable Forms heading:

  • Parent Version
  • Birth to Three
  • School Version
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

Our Sensory Behavioral Analysis and Plan is on the same page under the Forms for Course Participants heading.

Here’s an example of my process for a teen who is becoming aggressive at times:

  • Track: Parents track antecedent-behavior-consequences (ABC) data on aggressive actions for 1 week.
  • Checklist: Parents complete the Sensory Symptoms Checklist.
  • Antecedents: OT sees that being asked to engage in nonpreferred activities, such as tooth brushing and showering are common antecedents.
  • Behavior: OT notes that most often parents give up to avoid a physical altercation.
  • Checklist: OT notes the Sensory Symptoms Checklist indicates over-responsive to tactile input.
  • Conclusion: OT may deduce that it is difficult for him to tolerate tooth brushing and showering from a sensory standpoint and that aggression gets him out of having to do these tasks. Therefore the issue is both sensory AND behavioral.
  • Plan: In the OT intervention plan, we will use sensory strategies proactively (deep pressure before tasks), cognitive strategies throughout (sensory-based visual schedule, social story), and behavioral strategies reactively (token economy).

I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best wishes for this family!