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Rachel Harrington

Image of Sensational Brain owner Rachel Harrington

Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC, began treating clients in 2014 as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant. She founded The Sensory Project, LLC, https://thesensoryproject.com in 2017. In October 2020, Gwen Wild handed her the reins of Sensational Brain LLC, in which she plans to expand and explore new courses, products, and more!

Dedicated to helping children with different abilities feel confident in their own skin, Rachel began her sensory journey by designing fashionable, innovative weighted vests to enable children to regulate their sensory needs, while fitting in with their peers. In addition, she co-hosts the podcast The Sensory Project Show to educate and equip parents, therapists, and educators with tools and information to understand sensory integration.

Along with colleague Jessica Hill, COTA/L, she founded The Sensory Project Club in 2019 https://www.thesensoryprojectclub.com, a membership-based website that provides in-depth training and resources relating to all things sensory. They recently published their Therapeutic Resource Guide, a 300-page E-Book, which provides downloadable, therapeutic tools and information with resources created initially for The Sensory Project Club.

Rachel is passionate about sharing her knowledge of sensory integration by participating in speaking engagements with nonprofit organizations, schools, childcare centers, and community events to increase early identification of sensory processing challenges.

Gwen Wild

Gwen Wild is the AOTA CE Provider for Sensational Brain LLC. She is also on the faculty of PESI and Summit Professional Education and travels nationwide speaking on sensory processing and self-regulation.

As an occupational therapist, Gwen has enjoyed treating children with a wide variety of developmental disorders in a number of settings but has a special passion for working with kids with sensory processing disorders. Gwen has her very own sensational children and has learned firsthand the importance of having effective sensory strategies in place in the home and classroom.

Gwen developed BrainWorks in 2010 after seeing the need for visual supports to implement sensory diets. BrainWorks teaches self-regulation by allowing kids to use sensory strategy picture cards to select activities to meet their sensory needs.

Gwen lives in Galesburg, Michigan, with her husband. She has three daughters. She loves outdoor activities and staying active with her family and dozens of pets.

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