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Our Mission

To provide research-based education and products that enhance the lives of children with developmental needs and to empower therapists, teachers, parents, and caregivers who work and live with them

Rachel Harrington, Owner

Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC, is a pediatric occupational therapy assistant, passionate about sensory integration, primitive reflexes, and early intervention. In October 2020, Rachel took over Sensational Brain, previously owned by Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L, in which she has rebranded and expanded into new courses, products, and more!

In addition to Sensational Brain, Rachel founded The Sensory Project, which shares simple sensory strategies and tips and handmade sensory tools on Etsy. She works part-time with Harkla to create sensory-related content for parents and therapists through a podcast, courses, and more.

Rachel is passionate about sharing her knowledge of sensory integration by participating in speaking engagements with nonprofit organizations, schools, childcare centers, and community events to increase early identification of sensory processing challenges.

Rachel lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, two young children and golden retriever, where they are always hiking, exploring or spending time with family.

Celeste Johns, Customer Happiness Director​

Celeste Johns, MLS, is the customer service director for Sensational Brain. Her primary objective is to respond to customers’ needs as if she was in their situation.

Celeste was trained as a medical laboratory scientist and spent the majority of her career in a small, community hospital laboratory in East Texas. In 1999, with the stress of Y2K, she transitioned to a local prepress publishing company as a project manager and later moved to production.

Through a chain of events that could only be orchestrated by the Lord, she ended up teaching a motor skills lab for pre-K through second grade in a rural Texas town. Eventually, she met Gwen Wild, our original owner and AOTA CE Administrator. Gwen conducted a controlled study in grades pre-K through sixth grade at her school. The goal was to evaluate the effects of using movement breaks and other sensory strategies, including BrainWorks, in the general education classroom. Results were published in the International Journal of Special Education (Steely & Wild, 2018). In 2020, Gwen sold Sensational Brain (Celeste included) to Rachel Harrington. Celeste brings these varied experiences to bear when serving customers. Outside of work, Celeste enjoys playing with her grandsons and serving others through various ministries in her local parish.

Image of Sensational Brain Customer Happiness Director Celeste Johns

Gwen Wild, BrainWorks Founder

Gwen Wild has enjoyed treating children with a wide variety of developmental disorders in a number of settings but has a special passion for working with kids with sensory processing disorders. Gwen has her very own sensational children and has learned firsthand the importance of having effective sensory strategies in place in the home and classroom.

Gwen developed BrainWorks in 2010 after seeing the need for visual supports to implement sensory diets. BrainWorks teaches self-regulation by allowing kids to use sensory strategy picture cards to select activities to meet their sensory needs.

She is on the faculty of PESI and Summit Professional Education and travels nationwide speaking on sensory processing and self-regulation.

Gwen lives in Galesburg, Michigan, with her husband. She has three daughters. She loves outdoor activities and staying active with her family and dozens of pets.

Brian Head, Content Editor & Customer Service Assistant

Brian Head holds his Bachelors of Science and is currently living in Washington state. He joined the Sensational Brain team in October of 2022 to assist with customer service inquiries as well as adding website content and supporting BrainWorks customers.

Brian’s experience has been within the insurance field as both an adjuster and a customer service representative. He loved his time volunteering and working with Spokane Parks and Recreation as an adaptive ski assistant and outdoor trip leader.

He is passionate about backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, international traveling and spending time with family.