A Model for Classroom-Based Intervention for Children with Sensory Processing Differences

This study by Wild and Steely (2018) was based on the implementation of a BrainWorks program that included movement breaks and other sensory strategies into general education classrooms in a school district in Texas. The results of this study were first presented at AOTA’s National Conference in 2017. Download the full report.

Wild, G., & Steeley, S. (2018). A model for classroom-based intervention for children with sensory processing differences. International Journal of Special Education, 33(3), 745–765. 

Parent’s Perception of Effectiveness of Sensory Diets: A Multiple Case Study Analysis

Read our pilot study on the effectiveness of sensory diets using BrainWorks.

We welcome further research on the use of BrainWorks! If you have a research project in mind and would like to use BrainWorks tools, please contact Gwen by email: gwen@sensationalbrain.com. Gwen is happy to donate supplies and/or training to students and professionals involved in research.

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