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Continuing Education Policies & Procedures

Sensational Brain LLC provides research-based education and products for therapists, educators, and parents to enhance sensory modulation in children and teens.

Sensational Brain LLC is an approved provider of continuing education through AOTA’s Approved Provider Program (APP #8215). AOTA accreditation is recognized by many state licensing boards []recognize and the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. Look for the AOTA brand blocks on approved courses.

In September 2020, AOTA revised its course approval process. Courses approved before September 1 were grandfathered for 5 years. By September 2025, grandfathered courses must be resubmitted for review or discontinued. Once approved, courses are assigned a Professional Development activity ID number. PD ID numbers are recorded next to AOTA banner in the Accreditation section for each webinar.

CE Broker provides accreditation compliance tools for multiple professions. As an AOTA-approved provider Sensational Brain LLC is qualified to submit courses to CE Broker for immediate approval (CE Broker tracking number 50-20546). States currently using CE Broker are

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

States are added as contract negotiations are finalized.

We provide both live, interactive presentations through Zoom and recordings called view-on-demand webinars.

Live Webinars

Following each live webinar purchase, the customer is registered through Zoom. Each purchase includes access to the view-on-demand version. Customers receive confirmation Zoom emails and reminder emails 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour before the live event.

View-on-Demand Webinars

Recorded courses linked to live courses are preceded by the word PRESALE. Recordings are typically uploaded within 2 days of the live event. PRESALE is removed from the course title on the live date. Ideally, courses should be completed within twelve months of the date of purchase. Access to webinars beyond 1 year is not guaranteed.

Participants who satisfy these course completion requirements will receive a continuing education certificate.

Live Webinars

  1. Record of attendance (recorded automatically by Zoom)
  2. Successful completion of the post-test (≥ 70%)
  3. Attestation statement verifying learning identity (included on post-test)

View-on-Demand Webinars

  1. Record of purchase (recorded automatically by our system and checked when accessing the post-test link)
  2. Successful completion of the post-test (≥ 70%)
  3. Attestation statement verifying the learner viewed the webinar in its entirety and completed the post-test independently (included on post-test)

Feedback is critical to ensure ongoing quality improvement of our course offerings. Though not required, survey results are carefully reviewed by Rachel Harrington, owner, Gwen Wild, our AOTA CE administrator, and course presenters.

For live and recorded webinars, learning outcomes are assessed through objective post-tests. Questions are linked to learning outcomes listed below course descriptions. Before taking the test, participants complete a demographics area. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Blank fields will be left blank on the certificate:

  • Participant’s name*
  • Email*
  • Credentials
  • License number
  • State/Province (only for CE Broker states)*
  • Delivery Method (separates live and recorded webinars)*

These fields populate automatically with passing scores to generate the certificate:

  • Course title
  • Speaker
  • Contact hours
  • Post-test completion date
  • Webinar AOTA banner with specific course information and CEUs

Successfully passing a post-test with a score of ≥70% automatically generates a post-test.


Participants must sign an Attestation Statement at the bottom of the post-test to confirm that they have viewed the entire recording and taken the post-test independently. After the passing score, participants receive

  • a popup with a link to download the certificate, and
  • an email with the certificate attached, then
  • the original post-test link is replaced with the certificate download popup.


Beginning July 22, 2019, CEU certificates were automated and immediately available for download once participants pass the post-test. Certificates are simultaneously stored in users’ accounts by replacing the post-test link with a popup and download link. In addition, the participant receives an email with an attached certificate and another download link. Participants’ certificates are only accessible through the username and password assigned to their account.
Sensational Brain stores certificates online in association with the post-test title.

Certificates created before automation are stored on a company Google drive. In either case, stored certificates are only accessible by Sensational Brain employees with admin permissions.

Certificates are stored for 7 years whether generated manually or electronically. They are only made available to the learner or to other agencies upon email request by the learner.

Requesting Replacement Certificates

Issued BEFORE July 22, 2019

The identity of participants must be established before reissuing CEU certificates. To request a replacement certificate, please email with the following information:

Your full name if you are not submitting your request from an email address that displays your name or your name has changed (e.g., the email has your maiden name, but the certificate has your married name)

  • Title of webinar completed
  • Approximate date of webinar post-test
  • Purchase receipts and post-test documentation, if available

A search is conducted on certificate archives for a certificate matching the information provided. Several scenarios are possible:

  • Certificate is found: The certificate is emailed to the participant.
  • Certificate is not found: A search is conducted for post-test results as applicable.
    • Post-test results found: The certificate is emailed to the participant.
    • Post-test results not found: A search is conducted to verify webinar purchase. Please note that payment information through third-party providers is only accessible for the prior 6 months.
      • Payment is found: An email is sent to the participant outlining search results. Webinar and post-test access information is provided. The participant is instructed to either (1) submit proof of post-test results or (2) review the webinar and retake the post-test.
      • Payment is not found: An email is sent to the participant outlining search results. The participant is instructed to submit proof of purchase. Once proof of purchase is received, webinar and post-test access information is provided.

Certificates Issued July 22, 2019, and Beyond

Automated certificates launched on July 22, 2019. Hereafter, your certificates are stored in your account and accessible through the same link used to take the post-test.

Sensational Brain agrees to follow CE Broker’s policies and procedures to upload participant CEUs electronically as a condition of accreditation. Therefore, participants must provide accurate license numbers and state identifiers. Problematic uploads are addressed by emailing their support agents.

We upload CEUs daily, Monday through Friday, and as needed on Saturday and Sunday. Assigned course codes are documented in the Course Information section of the live and recorded webinar product pages.

Note: While the Georgia Board of Occupational Therapy recognizes our broadcasted distance learning format for live webinars, they do not satisfy the requirement for in-person training.

By Sensational Brain

Training may be canceled by Sensational Brain LLC if no more than 5 registrations have been received 24 hours before the training or when a speaker emergency arises.

  • First-time presentations: Refunds for the full amount paid will be credited to accounts within 24 hours of cancellation. Learners will be notified by email before the training start time.
  • Repeat presentations: A refund will not be issued since the previously recorded version is included with each purchase and cannot be deleted from the account.

Participants must reply to verify receipt of the email notifications.

By Participants

Participants may cancel Zoom registrations up until the start time of live webinars. Refunds will be issued following the guidelines outlined for Sensational Brain cancellations listed previously.

Note: Canceling a Zoom registration does not result in a refund. Email customer service with your course information to request a refund. Once credited, a confirmation email is sent to you and stored in your account.

Sensational Brain LLC will make accommodations following the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you require specific accommodations because of a disability, please email at least 10 calendar days before the course date to make appropriate arrangements.

Requests may also be made by calling Rachel Harrington at 509-714-6173 M–F from 8:00 AM–5:00 PM.

Sensational Brain LLC will work to resolve all complaints made known on course evaluation forms or directly to a Sensational Brain LLC employee by email or phone. Any employee or course presenter who receives a complaint must communicate the issue to Rachel Harrington within 48 hours. Rachel will determine the appropriate course of action and provide a written or verbal response to either the participant who complained or to the employee/contractor who received the complaint who will then be expected to pass on the response to the participant when appropriate. Complaints submitted through course evaluations will receive responses only when a determination is made that they are of such weight that further action is needed.

Full refunds will be given to registrants who experience technical difficulties or express dissatisfaction with the course at any time before completing the post-test. Refund requests may be emailed to

Sensational Brain LLC recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and is committed to fulfilling our moral and legal obligations concerning our use of copyright-protected works. This policy extends to instructors, webinar participants, and BrainWorks Online members. Find more information in our copyright policy.