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For Therapists: 

BrainWorks saves valuable time and energy in the frequent creation of sensory diets for children and teens. BrainWorks eliminates the confusion over which activities are calming, which are alerting and puts it all into a simple, user-friendly tool that excites children to participate in their sensory diet, visual schedule or reflex integration program! Say goodbye to handwritten sensory diets that are only usable by the parent or teacher! BrainWorks is designed to be customized!

For Educators: 

Information and resources on how to use BrainWorks give teachers and professionals the confidence to quickly understand a child’s sensory needs and help facilitate getting the most out of their sensational brain! BrainWorks also provides sensory symptom checklists for free to help you determine what type of sensory diet is best for each child.

For Parents:

Fun and simple sensory strategy picture cards empower kids to take charge of their sensory needs! BrainWorks can be used with a variety of different templates to create a unique sensory diet tool for each child, depending on age, setting (home or school), ability level, and type of sensory modulation disorder present. Arrow icons located on each picture card help to select activities appropriate for their sensory needs. For example, if a child needs to calm down his nervous system before going to math class, he knows to select an activity that has a red down arrow—this arrow indicates that the activity will slow him down or calm down his nervous system.

What do our BrainWorks Activity Cards look like?

Frequently Asked Questions About BrainWorks

After becoming a members of BrainWorks, you receive access to our digital platform of activity cards. You can select and print in 2 different sizes using a drag and drop feature. Your membership renews automatically every year. 

The single membership is for one person, family or teacher, in which you have unlimited annual access to our online BrainWorks platform. 
Our larger memberships include access for 2-10 people, 11-30, or 30+ users, such as therapy clinics, schools or other healthcare facilities in need of creating visual tools and sensory diets. The more members, the more you save on each individual subscription.

In addition to our custom sensory diet and visual tool creator, you’ll also receive access to our new primitive reflex integration cards and feeling / emotion cards. We also have a variety of tools, and templates within the members area for you to download and print! You’ll receive access to our Quick Start Guide which is full of helpful information for anyone looking to learn more about sensory diets. 

Yes! Our goal is to make sensory diets easy to understand by providing additional information on top of our activity cards. We also have a free 1-hour webinar sharing the ins and outs of our BrainWorks program, presented by Gwen Wild, MOT, OTR/L. 

We offer two separate printed kit options. One for parents / teachers and one for therapists who have multiple children in need of sensory diets / visual tools. The single kit includes materials to make one folder, whereas the therapist kit includes 10 folders.

That’s exactly why we created BrainWorks Your Way! Each card has a BWYW option available with a black border and no colored arrows on it. The goal with BrainWorks Your Way is to offer a solution to those already familiar with other emotional or sensory regulation programs.  

You can use a blank card and draw / write the information needed on it. We also take requests for customs cards, however we do ask for your patience to add them to our software. You can email requests to:

Currently, we have most of our cards translated to Spanish!