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Matt Sloan, COTA/L, speaker for Sensational Brain LLC

Matt Sloan, COTA/L, specializes in sensory integration therapy. As the owner of Sensory Fitness, an adaptive fitness company, he works with children and adults experiencing sensory difficulties and other neurodiversities. Sensory Fitness combines sensory integration therapy and integrative fitness with a focus on helping people improve motor skills, whole-body strengthening, emotional regulation, and more.

Matt’s mission is to educate as many professionals as possible on using sensory strategies and integrative movements that can impact behavior and function. He promotes using a bottom-up approach as the most effective method to help clients struggling with sensory difficulties, trauma, stress, and movement disorders through playful and motivational games, activities, and exercises. As a former special education teacher, adaptive PE teacher, and fitness trainer struggling with ADHD himself, Matt’s focus is helping those with a history of trauma or movement disorders, as well as those on the neurodiverse spectrum address daily difficulties.

When he is at home, Matt usually has family members involved in movement-related activities, despite their protests! While his wife is at work and his kids are at school, Matt can’t sit still. He stays busy working with clients or making up strange games, exercises, and virtual workshops in his sensory gym with his dog, Rex, who doesn’t seem to mind.