Photo of Sensational Brain Speaker Rachel Madel

Rachel Madel, MA, CCC-SLP, is a Los Angeles-based parent coach and autism expert who is dedicated to helping autism parents learn how to connect and communicate with their child. She co-hosts a weekly podcast called “Talking with Tech” that helps guide parents and professionals on utilizing technology to support communication. Her work has been featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Speech Science, Practical AAC, Xceptional Ed, and ChildNEXUS. She is the founder of a digital media company that provides educational resources, therapy materials, and training videos to help support parents of children with autism.


  • Financial: Rachel Madel receives a speaking fee from Sensational Brain LLC. She is the owner of Speech Therapy Inc. and sells online resources through her blog at Rachel receives advertising revenue from the AAC podcast Talking with Tech and income from CEU courses sold through
  • Nonfinancial: Rachel is a member of ASHA, SIG 12, CSHA, and an app consultant for EQTainment and Moment AR.