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Introduction to Executive Functioning Skills in Children and Teens

Webinar Length (Hours):



Lori Benson Adams, MEd


Introduction to Executive Functioning Skills in Children and Teens

Our executive functioning (EF) skills allow us to plan, organize, manage, and assess daily thoughts and actions. As an integral part of daily and academic life, these skills are often weak in students with sensory challenges such as ASD and ADHD. Indicators of poor EF development include an inability to control impulses; inhibit behaviors; organize thoughts, emotions, and language; and follow rules. This 2-hour course provides an overview of EF skills, how they develop, who is at risk, and how to immediately address weak areas.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Define executive function skills and list six skills considered under the umbrella definition.
  2. Identify the neurological and developmental components of EF skill development.
  3. List common co-existing conditions that exacerbate poor EF development.
  4. Identify formal evaluations, rating scales, and checklists widely used to assess EF needs in children.
  5. State six key skills needed to address EF in children.

Course Information

  • Target Audience: introductory- to intermediate-level occupational therapists, SLPs, teachers, and others
  • Course Instructor:  Lori Benson Adams, MEd
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  • CE Broker course code: 20-930195

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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Sensational Brain speaker Lori Benson Adams, MEd, head shot

Lori Benson Adams, MEd, is an educational intervention specialist and owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over 35 years of experience with students who experience sensory, learning, behavioral, and executive function challenges. Lori presents nationally to audiences of parents, therapists, and educators. She is known for her immediately practical information and wealth of knowledge and resources. Additional information can be found at To view Lori’s courses, check out her product page.


  • Financial: Lori Benson Adams receives a speaking fee from Sensational Brain LLC and is the owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions and Learning Lotus.
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