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Micro-Credential: Executive Functions Consultant


Micro-Credential: Executive Functions Consultant

What Is an Executive Functions Consultant?

Current research is increasingly pointing to Executive Functions as a key to success in learning and life. The development of these skills, including emotional control, impulse control, organization, and planning and time management have been shown to be a greater indicator of long-term academic and professional success than IQ, socioeconomic background or grades.

Children with poor Executive Functions often baffle us. Bright, usually very articulate, absentminded, and disorganized, these children often seem so capable, and yet do not meet the level of success we expect of them. We often mislabel these children as lazy, unmotivated, or poorly disciplined. This can seriously damage a child’s self-confidence, willingness to try. Most important, labeling fails to address the lack of key skills blocking success.

Educators and therapists are more frequently being called on to address these missing skills, yet often find themselves unprepared to quickly develop natural, targeted intervention plans.

This unique, cutting-edge, micro-credentialing program provides extensive training in understanding, assessing, and strengthening Executive Functions in children and teens. After meeting all requirements, you receive a certificate signifying status as an Executive Functions Consultant (EFC) through Sensational Brain.

Program Objectives

  1. Develop the knowledge of executive functioning skills, including how to assess and write appropriate goals.
  2. Earn recognition in the workplace as a dependable and competent resource in this urgent area of need.
  3. Have opportunities to immediately place ideas into action through an individualized child support project.
  4. Deepen your desire to learn through hundreds of resources.
  5. Set yourself apart from other professionals by having a tangible benefit to your extra focused study.
  6. Develop practical skills to use in a school, therapy, or private practice settings.

Target Audience: introductory- to intermediate-level OTs, SLPs, and other professionals
Note: While many professionals may benefit from the course content, we can only guarantee acceptance of continuing education credit as described in the following CEU section.

Learning Assessment: Objective post-tests following each required webinar and satisfactory completion of a Knowledge Application Project.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Obtain up to 17 contact hours of continuing education while earning your micro-credential:

  • Required webinars: offered for 0.12 AOTA CEUs or 12 hours
  • Elective webinars: offered for 0.10–0.20 AOTA CEUs or 1–2 hours depending on course selection
  • CEU certificates are immediately downloadable for each webinar.
AOTA-Approved Provider Program
Sensational Brain LLC is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Sensational Brain LLC is also an educational provider for CE Broker.

Additional Resources

Throughout the process, your proctor Lori Benson Adams, MEd, will support, encourage, and guide you! We’ll email your micro-credential certificate when you’re done.

Sensational Brain speaker Lori Benson Adams, MEd, head shot

Lori Benson Adams, MEd, is an educational intervention specialist and owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over 35 years of experience with students who experience sensory, learning, behavioral, and executive function challenges. Lori presents nationally to audiences of parents, therapists, and educators. She is known for her immediately practical information and wealth of knowledge and resources. Additional information can be found at


  • Financial: Lori Benson Adams receives a speaking fee from Sensational Brain LLC and is the owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions and Learning Lotus.
  • Nonfinancial: No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

How Does It Work?

Become an EFC by completing these three modules:

  1. Online Webinars: Participants independently view a series of webinars on a range of topics, delving into the area of developing executive skills in children and teens. With your purchase, you receive immediate access to 10 view-on-demand webinars: 6 core content, 3 electives (you choose only 1), and 1 exclusive webinar titled Coaching Tweens and Teens with EF Challenges available only through this EFC micro-credential. Complete these webinars independently and delve into the area of developing executive skills in children and teens. For course titles and information on discounts available for previously completed webinars, download the Syllabus and Discount Application.
  2.  Private Facebook Group: Actively participate in this group for questions, answers, and resource sharing. Note: Participation is highly recommended, but optional. If you prefer not to use Facebook, please notify the instructor, so she can provide an alternate means of communicating shared information shared.
  3. Capstone Project: Using knowledge and skills obtained from completed coursework, participants design a project that can be used immediately. Projects should be meaningful considering the participant’s background, experience, setting, and specific needs. Contact Lori if you need feedback before you start. Sample project ideas:
  • Assessing and establishing goals for a specific child
  • Developing a goal-tracking form
  • Designing a brief presentation for staff development purposes at your organization
  • Designing literature about EF and services you provide for pediatricians, psychiatrists, and other professionals
  • Designing a parent presentation
  • Developing a student questionnaire

Throughout the process, your proctor Lori Benson Adams, MEd, will support, encourage, and guide you! We’ll email your micro-credential certificate when you’re done.

Watch this video for an overview of this micro-credentialing program!